EA Cricket 16 PC Game Free Download (Update)

EA Cricket 16 Free Download For PC (2020 Latest)
EA Cricket 16 Game Free Download

EA Cricket 16 has come now in 2016 and is full of exciting new features and new graphics as well. EA Cricket 2016 is now available on Windows 7 and Windows 8. EA Sports (Electronic Arts) have now improved the game a lot by adding HD graphics. Indian Premier League (IPL) and ICC World T20 have started, and new and new players are added for the PC version of the game. T20 fever has grown a lot since the Cricket World Cup has been won.

EA Cricket 16 not only has changed the way how this traditional Asian sport was played but has also attracted more players as well in the year 2016. The game has now the multiplayer and single-player feature as well which allows you to play with other gamers from all over the world and your friends and family as well. Cricket is very famous especially in India, Pakistan, and Asian countries which have won many cups and championships.

EA Sports Cricket 16 Gameplay :)

It has all the stadiums and role-plays like in other Cricket 2016 Games and with much better quality. Cricket 16 now supports simulation of players while the gameplay is going, for example, a cricketer is waiting for his turn and then as soon as he hits the ground lots of gadgets appear on the screen along with a map which shows the fielding and goalkeepers which try to stop the other team from scoring and winning the match.

Cricket 16 also has other versions of PC games such as ICC, T20, IPL, DLF, World-Cup, Championship, and test matches. It is the year 2016 when this all is taking place and will be one of the biggest events and match in the Cricket history ever. This high-end video game requires no extra gaming requirements like VGA and Quad CPU's.

EA Cricket 16 Game Screenshots :)

EA Cricket 16 PC Game Free Download

EA Cricket 16 Free Download Full Version

EA Cricket 16 Free Download

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System Requirements of EA Cricket 16:

  1. Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core 
  2. RAM: 256 MB or Low speed 
  3. VGA: 64 or 128 MB Nvidia or Intel Graphics
  4. Software required to run is PC, and Windows 10.
  5. HDD Space required is 6.3 GB

EA Cricket 16 Free Download Details (Updated):

  1. License: Demo is provided at the moment
  2. The price is $15.99 on sale!
  3. Will support Android devices
  4. Works on both x86 and x64 systems
  5. Note: EA Sports Cricket 2017 PC Game is now available with tons of new features, patches, and mods!
Free Download EA Cricket 16
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